Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Minesweeper for Android 1.3 published!

Hi all,

Minesweeper for Android 1.3 is out! Patch includes bug fixes, better graphics, better landscape mode and, once again, minor UI refinements. Seems like UI is never going to finish..

Version 1.3 is designed for Froyo; it's possible to install application to SD card to save some precious space on internal storage. There's localization enabled with localization for three languages: English as default, Chinese (Traditional) and Chinese (Simplified). Special thanks to NetDragon for translations.

As usual, changes in geek-level details are listed in changelog.


  1. Hello, I appreciate your work a lot, since Im mad for Minesweeper (althought not a quick player). I've written in C an algorithm that computes probabilities to find a mine in each cell. Is still buggy, but does that interests you? It's a nice hinting method.

  2. Only complaint I have is that I want the game to NOT cover the Notification Bar.